Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome Introduction

Hey There,

My name is Tuesday Morrigan and this is my blog. Pure. Simple.

I'm an erotic romance author published with two e-publishers, Changeling Press and Loose Id. My first story, The Firm: Rogue, was published by Changeling Press in December 2006, and I am still estatic about it. My second story, Eve's Spawn came from Loose Id, less than three months later in February 2007. I have been steadily writing ever since.

A little background information: Tuesday is my pen name. My less interesting alter-ego is a law student in northern California. I just finished my first year. Wohoo! I accomplished, the almost-impossible. I, Tuesday Morrigan, survived the worst, first year of law school. So some of my blogs, fortunately or unfortunately, will be about law school. But most of my blogs will be about writing...finishing stories, starting stories, researching stories, and all the cool things that go on in this neurotic writer's head.

Oh yeah! There will be posts about the random things that go on in my head. Those will be the most fun. .

Until next time...


JV said...

Thanks for writing 'The Firm' please don't take too long to write the next in the series. I enjoyed the story, and would love to know more about the history of the Lionhearts, those fine gorgeous men, Kaden intrigues. JV

Tuesday Morrigan said...

Wohoo!Thanks for the love JV.

You'll be so glad to hear I finished the next story in the series, Temptress, and am working on edits.

Better yet is the fact that Kaden's story is third in the series and is (tentatively) titled Nutcracker. I think (winks!) you're going to love it.

Edita A. Petrick said...

Hi - this is in response to your NCP author invitation regarding your planned thread "Glossy Inspirations."

I'm willing to play...ahem, I mean share my sentiments on the issue. I'm also a new NCP author...and I used to be young and gorgeously slim and totally, like totally stunning...then I became a mother...and pet-sitter. But when I was still young and beautiful, I also became an engineer so hang in there, law-student and you'll get through the law school just fine. I spent nearly 20 years in school...then they kicked me out and said I ought to earn a living...sigh. On the serious side, let me know about your needs for your blog thread on "Glossy Inspirations." Edita