Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm Not Dead

First, I want to congratulate the reader who won Violet Storm as part of the Raven Hunt. *throwing confetti* Congrats, Poohleigh! Hope you love Storm and Isaias.

*Snicker* I feel like Pink with that title. According to my critique partner, I've been so out of commission she thought I was "dead in a ditch." You got to love Celia. She's so smart, funny, and caring. Which is why when I told her my big idea for a scavenger hunt she did not laugh in my face.

Let me tell you guys I am SO EXCITED. The rules are below.

One book will be given to a single winner and one book will be given to the Grand Prize winner who wins a copy of all of the books donated by all authors.

Here's how the hunt will work:

Every participating author will insert the image available at the blogspot (which would be provided) somewhere on their website on 11/23/07 (day after Thanksgiving):

Once found, the readers will email with the link to the author's page showing the image or submit the entry through the blog at

Winners will be drawn from all valid entries on 1/1/08.

Are you excited? I'm excited. *Dancing around bedroom*

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Celia Kyle said...

I was sure you were! Thank goodness you're back! *hugs* *spank* Now don't make me worry like that again, missy.