Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sexy Nerds

I've decided I have to write a story about sexy nerds. Since I'm really a paranormal erotic romance author I'm going to have to write a story about a paranormal sexy nerd. Hmm...

This line of thinking is a result of looking up smoldering pics to post to my yahoo group. (Join! Join!) Today's Wild Wednesday Hotties are Tom Welling and Jared Padalecki. Suddenly I'm seeing Good o' Jared in a new light, an inspiring light that is.

I had a hard time finding fan-yourself pics of Tom Welling. I spent literally two hours searching for pics. Found some that were sexy but wholesome and well I wasn't looking for pics I could show my grandma.

So, I was frustrated and not the good kind when I started searching for Jared's pic. Boy, did I get knocked over when I started looking them up. See, I'm a huge fan of his show "Supernatural," but I'm a personal fan of Dean's, Jensen Ackles. And when I say fan, I mean you-have-to-go-to-church-for-prayer for the dirty thoughts you've been thinking "fan". The dreams that boy has starred in...

Back to reality...I was de-fin-ately surprised when I saw what little Sammy was hiding beneath his flannels.

Don't believe me?

Check it out.

....Sorry! Took me a moment to stop drooling. To DIE FOR isn't he? Like I said, it just kind of smacks you in the face. Now I'm a whole new kind of frustrated. Lovely! At least I've got inspiration for my next story.

Now I can't wait for next week's hotties. Got any suggestions?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome Introduction

Hey There,

My name is Tuesday Morrigan and this is my blog. Pure. Simple.

I'm an erotic romance author published with two e-publishers, Changeling Press and Loose Id. My first story, The Firm: Rogue, was published by Changeling Press in December 2006, and I am still estatic about it. My second story, Eve's Spawn came from Loose Id, less than three months later in February 2007. I have been steadily writing ever since.

A little background information: Tuesday is my pen name. My less interesting alter-ego is a law student in northern California. I just finished my first year. Wohoo! I accomplished, the almost-impossible. I, Tuesday Morrigan, survived the worst, first year of law school. So some of my blogs, fortunately or unfortunately, will be about law school. But most of my blogs will be about writing...finishing stories, starting stories, researching stories, and all the cool things that go on in this neurotic writer's head.

Oh yeah! There will be posts about the random things that go on in my head. Those will be the most fun. .

Until next time...