Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Happy Independence Day, America! Happy 4th of July to everyone else. I hope you all are spending the holidays relaxing. I've uploaded the Wild Wednesday Hotties for the week and they are Tyson Beckford and Brad Pitt. In my mind the two are very "all American". I figured it was suiting for the holiday occasion.

For those of you who have been waiting and asking, Temptress is finished its second round of edits. Thus, it should be coming soon to a computer near you.

On another note is it just a little ridiculous that I desperately want to see the transformers' movie? Sometimes the little child in me comes out and takes over...


redbone said...

We went to see Transformers today and it was action pact and fabulous. I loved it and my husband/3 kids thought it was great too. Go see it soon it's well worth the money.


redbone said...

Oops! I meant to say action packed! Oh well, you know what I meant.


danetteb said...

Tyson is yummy,what a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th.*g*

I want to see Transformers,I remember watching the cartoon with my brother.

Tuesday Morrigan said...

Thanks for the great review of Transformers. Now I definately have to see it. Unfortunately with my summer class and deadlines, I probably won't make it to the theater until the movie is out of the theater...:)

I have to say, love that I wish Tyson had lit up my 4th. ::Winks:: Yes, I'm cheeky.