Friday, June 29, 2007

Lovely Covers, Contests, and Editors

I'm proud to say that I have a BRAND new cover. It's for Temptress and its so perfect, I'm busting at the seams with pride. The artist is Zuri. She's amazing!!!! You can check it out on my updated site.

On another note, I have a brand new contest for my Tidbits. I just realized I have over 100 members and I must CELEBRATE the occasion. So I'm giving away one of my e-books, any one of my e-books from the my backlist to the lucky randomly chosen Tidbit at the end of July. There is no need to enter the contest. I'll just throw the numbers in the my illustrious hat and pick one.

The winner will have to get back to me no later than a week after the winner is chosen.

On a third note, I love my editors. I have to say when I finish a story I'm always like "Blah, this is such crap." I always feel that the story would have been much better with a different writer. Then my editors come along and go, "Is this what you meant? Is this the emotion you were trying to convey?" or better yet, "Use this word here."

To all my editors, thank you for putting up with me. I appreciate it SO much! Without you ladies, my stories would not be what they are. Your time and effort makes all the difference.

Now that I've had my chick flick moment, back to my edits and WIPs...


redbone said...

I just got the chance to look at the new cover for Temptress and it is smokin' HOT. I love it . Congrats!


Tuesday Morrigan said...

Thanks, Red. I was doing the happy dance for a very long time about it. I LUV Zuri!