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Glossy Inspiration: Antonio

Every author is inspired by the world around them, even if it's because they want or need to create something strikingly different from what surrounds them.

But some of us are fueled to put the things we see in the world into a story, driven to capture the intensity, the emotion, the lust, and the need on sheets of paper and into a genre we call romance, erotica, or erotic romance.

Jeanne Barrack is one such author and her painstaking (*wink*) adherence to her muse is evident in her work.

Below is Ms. Barrack's own words about the man who captured her heart (and maybe a region a little south) that inspired her to write the lovely, smoldering erotic romances she is known for.

Come and meet Antonio.

Antonio Banderas. Just say the name and you get all sorts of images from the beautiful sad-eyed animated Puss-in-Boots to Tom Hanks' lover in "Philadelphia". But I guess to most people, Antonio Banderas is Zorro and it was "The Mask of Zorro" that made me a devoted "chica" as we call ourselves.

The many roles of Antonio from his Spanish films created by Pedro Almodovar, one of Spain's greatest film makers, to Antonio's award winning role in the Broadway musical, "Nine" all prove his great diversity of talent. Madonna had the hots for him and that says worlds about his sexiness.

His beautiful eyes and sexy mouth go a long way to his appeal and that accent of his.....! But it's his personality that really clinched it for me. Here is a man who adores his wife and children - and I say children even though only one of the three who live with him and his wife, Melanie Griffith is his. He is a family man par excellence. His sense of humor is wonderful and his loyalty to friends amazing! But his generosity to his fans is incredible.

When he starred in "Nine", 36 of his "chicas" took over the theater after the show for 45 minutes while they talked with him, laughed with him, took pictures, hugged and sang with him. There were *no* cameras in view, no TV stations, no PR people. It never got reported in the trade papers. This was just Antonio being what he always is - a man who loves people, cares for his fans, understands how much he means to them and never forgets how he got to where he is.


Check Out the Excerpt and Blurb Below from: "The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon"

Abby Foster, owner of Nannies, International, has been commissioned by the secretive Collector to obtain the Crystal Flacon, believed to have been in the possession of the infamous Lucrezia Borgia and to contain a magical aphrodisiac. But why should a nanny be set such a task? Seems Abby has secrets of her own. She also runs Finding Justice, an organization dedicated to returning art and other treasures lost during WWII to their rightful owners. With the specialized skills she's gained, getting the Flacon should be easy. She isn't counting on channeling Lucrezia through visions and dreams or falling for Antonio, duke d'Este, the present day owner of the Flacon.

Antonio d'Este, the direct descendent of Lucrezia Borgia, is a modern man with modern problems. A recent widower, he needs a nanny to take care of his five year old daughter while he prepares for the launching of "Lucrezia", the new scent for Borgia, the family-owned perfumery. Inspired by the stunning Crystal Flacon, Antonio focuses everything on making "Lucrezia" a success. He has no time for the distraction posed by the beautiful nanny or the strange effect making love with her has on him.

When someone attacks the perfumery, destroying property, disrupting projects in an attempt to ruin the company and killing innocent people, they both need a change of plans. Together, using Abby's skills honed while working for Finding Justice, they must find the saboteur, before everything they love is lost.


Abby spoke with Antonio that evening on the phone after he talked with Lucy. Their murmured conversation served only to arouse her passion.

“Bella, are you alone now?”


“Bene.” His voice sank to a whisper. “I’ve shut the door to my office and my assistant has gone home.” Abby heard him take a deep breath. “Where are you?”

“In my room. Now that you’ve spoken to Lucy, she’s snug in her bed.”

“Molto bene. Now, listen well, bella, after all I am your master.”

Abby giggled. “Si, maestro.”

“Are your doors locked? If not, lock them. I want no interruptions.”

“They’re locked. I’m at your command.”

“Eccellente! Strip. Lie down on your bed. Now, moisten your finger and wet your nipples. Circle them until they tighten.” His velvet voice caressed her over the phone. “It’s my lips on them, bella. Suckling them, biting them, licking them. You taste like honey, like wine. You intoxicate me and make me hard. Very hard. Do you want to touch me, too?”

She could barely breathe, much less speak, but she tried. “Yes. Touch your cock for me. Cup your balls.”

She listened hard and heard the sound of his belt unbuckling and his zipper unzipping. His breath hissed and she knew he had his penis in his hand. “Should I continue to touch my nipples, Antonio?”

“Are they hard yet?”

“Oh, yes.” She moaned. “And you, stroke the underside of your prick and pretend my hands are fondling you.”

“Bene. Your hands, your soft hands. Dio, you’re moving them faster, squeezing and stroking me.” His breath came harsher. “No, no more. Take your hands; put them between your thighs, between your lips. Are they wet? Are you damp there?”

She panted. Her heart raced. Images crowded her mind. Antonio was with her. His hands clasped her thighs; his curly head lay between them as he thrust his tongue to lick that soft nubbin. Her hand dropped to her aching pussy. She was wet. Tender. Sensitive to the touch of her own fingers. As they teased the swollen knot of flesh, she moaned again.

“Are your fingers wet? Are you creaming there? Take your fingers and taste the cream. Do you like it? Tell me.”

She whimpered. She throbbed. As if she had no will, her fingers moved to her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out to taste the moisture.

“Well, tell me.”

“It tastes… exciting. Oh, God, Antonio, I want you here. I need you here.”

“I am there with you. I can see you. You’re like a pearl. You glisten. Your scent is like no other.”

Abby’s hand moved within her. Antonio’s voice urged her on to go faster, harder, deeper. She complied, coming closer and closer to reaching her climax.

“I want you come with me, darling. Close your eyes and pretend we’re together, Antonio. Our naked bodies pressed so close, not even a whisper of air can come between us. You’re in me deep, so deep, so…oh, God.”

He heard that little shudder in her voice and knew she’d climaxed. It sent him over the edge to join her.

But it wasn’t enough.

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Desirée Lee said...

Antonio is certainly inspiring! His performance as Armand in Interview With the Vampire sent shivers up my spine. I can see how he would be perfect for a romantic hero.

danetteb said...

OMG....You had to do it didn't you,first talk about Antonio,then make the excerpt even hotter hearing Antonio's voice as if he was reading it for me. That was just smokin'.:D

jennybrat said...

Gotta agree with Antonio, though it's good, it wasn't enough!

BethRe said...

I agree Antonio is very inspiring
Great excerpt

DawnM said...

LOL, I'm obviously missing something, AB does nothing for me at all. Maybe I need HRT. Now a young MelG or HarrisonFord, well...
Great excerpt though, I've got that one sitting on my wishlist at the moment

DragonStar1974 said...

Ohhh!! I could just hear that accent leap out at me from the page I swear!! Definitely looks like a must read!!



Gotta love, Antonia!

Deborah Chan said...

What a cutie he is!!!

Shuck Ying said...

Antonio definitely inspires me, lol.

Stacia said...

Great excerpts! Great Antonio pic as well. I swear that man just gets better & better with age.

teresa_rynetae said...

You can send Antonio Banderas to my house for a few I like him in the Spy Kids Movies. I also like Ricardo Montibon.

Tuesday Morrigan said...

Hmmm...I have to agree that Antonio is currently inspiring. If I didn't have so many WIPs already I might just start another story with him as the star. I can see it now...

*Smack* Naughty girl, finish what you started! Conscience calls again, must finish edits...

annalisa said...

I agree with all the comments! Antonio is a hot, good-looking gentleman who has a sexy smooth voice. I never get tired of listening to his accent. Yum!
Great excerpt from a really good book! :)