Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is the JD Worth It?

There's nothing quite like Law School to make you doubt your dreams and goals. Lately, I've been asking myself is it all worth it? Is this hell really worth having a J.D.?

See my problem is I'm an overachiever. I do everything and I try my damned hardest to excel at it. When I don't do as well as I believe I should have, I try harder, study harder, work harder, but with law school I'm finding that it doesn't necessarily correlate. And I'm not the only one.

There are people here that I know are smarter than me, but not harder workers or vice versa, and we're all looking at our grades thinking, "What the hell?" Some are depressed, some are happy, and some are just full of acceptance.

At this point I'm just wondering how I can go through another year of an unrelentless emotional roller coaster. And I'm the one in my family and friends who is supposed to have the psychological equivalent of a steel spine.

So, I'm asking myself is it really worth it all? Is the J.D. all that freaking important? Too bad I'm an overachiever who's never quit anything in her life...


danetteb said...

I'm the total opposite,but my husband is an overachiever and I respct him for that and others who are driven.The J.D. is worth it,believe in the path life has taken you.*Hugs*

jennybrat said...

Hi Tuesday, do you have a passion for law? If you do, then keep at it. Grades don't represent everything. I know many people who weren't top achievers in school but who are now performing well in their choice of field.

Tuesday Morrigan said...

Thanks for the kind words. I do have a passion for law and I really shouldn't be complaining about my grades. I have realized that this is what I want and I'm just going to have to stick with it.