Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Glossy Inspiration: Kaelyn

As a reader of fiction, I am always curious about the creation of the story. What exactly inspired the author to create the characters, write the novel, and the tell the story that is told?

When I became a writer I found that I was not the only one who was curious. Suddenly fans were emailing me questions about my stories, telling me how much they liked or loved the characters and asking me how I came up with the hero. Evidently, every one is curious about the hero. Wonder why? *g*

Kaelyn Lionheart was my first hero and for some time I could not quite get him right on paper. I felt like a woman who was dating him, trying to figure out his secrets, but as an author, I wanted to be his wife, know some, but not all of his secrets, but enough to tell his story. It took me many tries to "marry" him. Every draft was better than the last, but none was perfect. That is until I sat down and watched "Remember the Titans."

I love "Remember the Titans." I've seen the movie way too many times to admit to, yet it was like I was watching it for the first time, because when I sat and stared at the screen it was Kaelyn Lionheart I was seeing.

Kaelyn was birthed from the character Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass, played by Kip Pardue. See, Sunshine had Kaelyn's wicked sense of humor, sensuality, sexuality, playfulness and he was smoking hot too!

So Kip is my Glossy Inspiration for Kaelyn Lionheart. So those of you who have read The Firm: Rogue should reacquaint yourself with the character and fall in love with Kaelyn and Kip Pardue all over again, because in my mind they are ONE gorgeous man.

Haven't Gotten the Chance to Meet Kaelyn? Check out the Excerpt Below for a Peak. Remember that commenters will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win The Firm: Rogue

* * *

"He’s probably never seen a helper that looked like you," Santa said with a wide smile.

Nicollet was instantly angered. She knew she didn’t look like the typical helper, but there was no reason for him to comment on it.

"Doubt there are many black people on the North Pole," she said snidely. She was exhausted and starving. On top of it all, being around him was starting to make her feel sexually needy.

And she was never good when horny and irritated.

Damn. She was really starting to hate Christmas.

"That’s not what I meant," he said, glancing around. Kaelyn had seen that look in Nicolett’s eyes before. She was livid. Usually, an angry Nicollet meant quickly settled cases, but he wasn’t so sure he wanted her to settle his case so soon.

"What did you mean?" she asked, folding her arms beneath her breasts.

It took Kaelyn a moment to concentrate. Her new stance pushed her breasts up so they sat above the scooped neck of her red shirt. He immediately felt his cock stir. His mouth watered with the need to tongue those gorgeous mounds.

"Is it because I’m bigger than all the other helpers?"

"What?" he damn near yelled at her. How could she think she was fat? How could she think he believed she was fat? He had to stifle the urge to growl the truth at her. Unlike the rest of the female attorneys at the firm, Nicollet Edenton had the kind of body he could spend hours inside without fearing he would break her.

"I didn’t mean that either," he whispered as he darted a glance around. People, children included, were beginning to throw curious looks their way.

"Then what exactly did you mean?" she asked, tapping her toes. The seconds seemed to drag on forever as she waited for him to dig himself out of a hole.

"Promise you won’t sue?"

"What did you mean, Mr. Lionheart," she said in such a monotone voice that for one second he wished for the anger. At least then you knew what you were dealing with.

Kaelyn’s indigo blue eyes heated with stark desire. He started at her black leather knee-high boots and allowed his gaze to roam up her body, making sure he stopped at the delicious points in between. When he reached her face there was no doubt in either of their minds what he meant.

"Oh," she said breathlessly.

Not once in her twenty-seven years had anyone ever looked at Nicollet the way Kaelyn Lionheart had just looked at her. As if he wanted to feast on her and spend an unheard of amount of time tasting her erogenous zones.

"Behave yourself," Nicollet said as she felt the heat creep into her face. "Santa is supposed to be nice, not naughty," she warned, shaking a finger at him. The rogue had the nerve to wink at her.


Check Back Thursday and Friday for new posts. This Friday's post will be another Glossy Inspiration. This one from Jeanna Barrack. Come find out which sexy Spanish superstar inspires her fabulously wicked stories.


Tracey H. Kitts said...

That is one smoking hot picture. I can understand how he inspired you. I can't honestly say that any one person inspired my characters. The men in my stories are very much a part of me, and yet a combination of every fantasy I've ever had. Boy do I ever sound like a head case when I try to explain that. LOL


Cherie J said...

Great excerpt! It is always cool to find out what influenced an author in their writing. Thanks for sharing!

jennybrat said...

What a great source of inspiration. I'm so jealous of Nicolett!

danetteb said...

Nice excerpt,I want to read more about Kaelyn*g*
Hugs, Danette